What Exactly are Commissions?

Commissions are pretty much my fancy way of saying custom orders and designs that have to be created from scratch. My commissions are done in my existing style - so no I can't really just copy something you've seen somewhere else.

Commission Flow & Time

Because all orders and requests are different, the turnover rate will be different too. For smaller commissions, such as individual sticker sheets, my general turnaround is 4-5 business days. For larger commissions with multiple pieces or different elements - such as text, images, and different really varies anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. The best way to find out for sure is to send me a message through my form below.

Types of Commissions & Cost

Right now I can do customized stickers, magnets, and digital prints. Commission prices are based on material cost, as well as time. Because they are individual pieces, the prices increase from my batch produced stickers and magnets.

Sizes are based on the larger axis of your design (width or length). I like to maximize one side  as much as possible without distorting the design.

For commissioned stickers my rates are as follows. Cost is per sticker. Shipping is included.

• 2-3", $4 for gloss, $5 for holographic
• 3-4", $6 for gloss, $7 for holographic
• 4-5", $8 for gloss, $9 for holographic
• 5-6", $10 for gloss, $11 for holographic
• 6-7", $12 for gloss, $13 for holographic
• Max size (6"x 9") - $14 for gloss, $18 for holographic

​For commissioned magnets my rates are as follows. Cost is per magnet. Shipping is included.

• 2-3", $7 for gloss, $9 for holographic

• 3-4", $10 for gloss, $11 for holographic

• 4-5", $12 for gloss, $13 for holographic

• 5-6", $14 for gloss, $15 for holographic

• 6-7", $16 for gloss, $17 for holographic

• Max size (6"x 9") - $21 for gloss, $22 for holographic

Digital Commissions

For digital print commissions, I charge $20 an hour per piece with an hour minimum (i.e., if the whole project takes 45 minutes, it would still be the 1hr minimum cost of $20). Rates are charged at full hours, so for example, both 1hr 23mins and 1hr 47mins would be considered 2 hours.

This rate includes the basic design and any edits. It's only stylus-to-tablet time, so any back and forth in emails don't get charged. I'll work with you through the whole process to get it right.

Digital commissions are delivered by email only. This will be a high resolution file that you can have professionally printed to your needs. It will not be produced into a sticker or magnet under the $20 cost. If you would like your digital file to also be produced as such, please make a note and we can discuss prices based on quantity and material.

Unfortunately I do not have the proper means to produce art prints, and I would like to do them justice. So until I have that ability, I'm sticking to digital prints.

  • Sticker and magnet commissions are paid upfront just like my pre-made designs.

  • A $20 non-refundable deposit is required for all digital print commissions before any work can begin. Deposits go toward final cost of project. The remaining cost will be due at delivery.

Please note that there will be a 20% rush charge for anything that needs to be completed and returned within 3-4 business days.


Commission Requests

Please submit all commission and custom orders though this form. I will get back to you within 1 business day.

Type of Project:

Thanks for submitting!